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Uncovering stories, making voices heard and holding Government accountable


The Covid-19 pandemic was a unique, disruptive and at times catastrophic experience for our community. Three years since the start of the pandemic, we have still not come to terms personally and collectively with its impact on our lives and our society.

Through a number of public hearing events across Melbourne and regional Victoria, and the submission of cases from community members, the People's Inquiry into the Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic seeks to uncover the experiences of our community; to process, to document, and to decide what action we want to take together in response.

The newly announced inquiry into the Australian Federal Government's response has a narrow terms of reference, that doesn't address state government actions, or investigate the social and human rights impacts of the state response. Most importantly, it doesn't offer members of the public an opportunity to be heard and hear from each other about what we experienced.

The People's Inquiry into the Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic hopes to create a model for how we can process major catastrophic events as a community, to understand how they have changed us and learn lessons for the future.

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