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Volunteer or collaborate with us

Volunteer with us

We are currently looking volunteers in the Darebin area who may be able to help us organise our first hearing on October 21st.  If you are involved in the local community and can join our organising collective, please fill in this form.

We will need assistance with:

  • Event organisation and promotion
  • Mobilising local participating organisations
  • Hosting and facilitating hearings
  • Facilitating participation of a diversity of groups in the community, e.g. translation services
  • Developing documentation of the project

Collaborate as an organisation

The People's Inquiry into the Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic is currently being run by a small volunteer collective at Friends of the Melbourne. We would love to collaborate with other organisations, businesses and philanthropists to grow this project. Please get in touch if you would like to collaborate.

Hold a Public Hearing in your area

After our Darebin pilot, we will evaluate how the process has gone and look into holding further hearings in different areas. If you live in a different area and are interested in helping to organise one in your local community, send us thorugh your details and we will be in contact!