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Public Hearings

Public hearings will be an opportunity for you to come forward with your experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic. You will be able to speak to the impacts on all aspects of their lives: work, health, education, economic, familial, social and psychological.

The event won’t be a ‘town hall’ style forum. Instead there will be groups of 10-12 chairs with a facilitator to guide discussions and document what they hear from participants.

Those documented discussions will then be synthesized in a report and there will be an opportunity for community members to return to make sense of what came out of the process and work out if there is anything they want to work on as a community or advocate for in the wake of the discussion.

The facilitators will hold the discussions in blocks of time across the day, so people can come in any time during the day that works best for them and join a circle.

There will also be ways to contribute in creative ways, in addition to or instead of joining a listening circle.

There are currently no upcoming public hearings.